You traded your ship for me;
Kaya, just turned 20, French. Music, tv, books, writing, edits.
I also ship Captain Swan way too hard.

Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf, Hannibal, Orphan Black, Sherlock, Shameless US.

I'm supposed to be a multifandom blog but I post mostly OUAT/Captain Swan. I'm not a spoiler-free blog. I spend my time complaining about college, making crappy edits and sobbing about my ships.


note to self don’t think about your otp curled up together in bed, legs and arms all tangled together between blankets to fight off the cold and listening to the sound of rain and each other’s breathing, faces buried in tangles of hair or against the other’s chest/neck and pressing little kisses against their cheek or their shoulder or their neck and mumbling about how lucky they are to have the other because you will get feelings and then cry


I hope you’re not having second thoughts…

No, I just got tired of waiting.


tumblr is currently a place for people not at comic-con to sit and wait for pictures of comic-con to be posted. then cry about how we are not at comic-con.